NewsBytes : 1 avril 2017

Dear Fellow HomeLinkers,

Here we are well into a new year, with winter finally gone, and another glorious Spring upon us. Hopefully you have noticed the numerous updates and added features on our international website since we engaged our new IT development team a year ago. However, as announced in our January bulletin, we suffered a personal-family crisis over Christmas here at HomeLink Canada … hence the slight delay in publishing this bulletin.

Initially most of the updates and upgrades were related to back-end search function improvements, so it took a bit of time for front-end upgrades to be implemented and became visually apparent to (you) our Members and Visitors.

Some of the most requested changes :

a) To reduce the number of clicks required to view a complete listing, the different sections of text (Home, Neighbourhood, Attractions, Preferences, Family profile) are now shown on one left-hand menu that you can scroll down. You are able to click the heading to jump to that section of text

b) In your SEARCHES you are initially shown a MAP VIEW with listing locations marked by number-clusters-icons. When you switch to LIST VIEW you are shown an array of listing ‘thumbnails’ which you can scan and click to view or contact the members.

c) You can save DRAFT copies of both your MESSAGES and your EXCHANGE AGREEMENTS.

Some helpful hints :

1. Replying To Messages from our Message Notification System: The message notifications we send to your personal email address are “No-reply” emails, so clicking the reply link for your mail browser you would normally click to reply to an email received will not work.

You need to click the “Reply” link found within the content of the notification and follow the prompts from there.

TIP: If you had previously selected the “Remember me” option for your HomeLink login, you will be taken directly to the message for your response. Otherwise, you will be directed to the login page where you will log into the site and then navigate to the message for you to reply. Remember to click the “Remember me” option when logging in to streamline the process for replying to messages in the future.

2. Automated Exchange Agreement Form (EAF) System: Our Home Exchange reporting system is an automated system, where the only way for the system to acknowledge and document your exchanges is by completing our online EAF prior to your exchange. This system will also prompt you to add Guest Book Comments to your Exchange Partner’s listing and to evaluate your exchange after it is completed.

Exchange Evaluations : The links to evaluate your exchange will appear after the dates on the corresponding EAF have passed. These links and are found under the “Past Exchanges” tab at the “Our Exchange” area of your online account.

3. Arranging Longer-term Exchanges: An option many of our members find great success with when they wish to travel for a month or more, is to arrange multiple, back-to-back exchanges to accommodate their longer-term travel plans. This will certainly increase the number of potential exchange partners, including those seeking shorter-term exchanges.The main logistical issue at your end would be to arrange to have someone come into your home in between exchanges to prepare it for your next exchange partner’s stay.

Also, if you are open to arranging multiple, shorter-term exchanges we recommend adding this detail at the beginning of your descriptive text field at your “Our Home” page as this is the first text members see when viewing your listing. This will let them know your plans straight away.

4. Seeking intra-national or cross-Canada swaps. If you require some promotional support in seeking an exchange within Canada, we can easily accommodate you by posting URGENT REQUESTS in our HOTLIST section and our FACEBOOK page.
Feel free to ask us.

5. Check our HOTLIST and FACEBOOK pages periodically for URGENT REQUESTS submitted to us by both Canadian members and ‘foreigners’.

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