NewsBytes : 18 septembre 2014

facebook_logo_Join-Us_smallMEMBER’S QUESTION :
I have just established a new FACEBOOK account. How do I link it to HomeLink’s page … would love to get those “urgent request” alerts. How do I get that connection?

Good news – you don’t have to “link” or acquire a special connection.
Just click on our FB logo to visit our page
where you’ll be prompted to LOG-IN to your FB account.
When you click on the LIKE button, you will automatically be added to our FB “fan club”, and will receive email alerts whenever a new item is posted. You can visit our FB page at any time to see the items. Also, you can click UN-Like to stop the alerts.

HELPFUL HINT : Save money, suspend your phone service

Hi Jack,

Last year ,we found the following information quite by accident and wondered if some of the other members may want to know about it. Both Telus and Shaw will “suspend” (not cancel) your service once a year up to any length of time and there is no charge! That saves hundreds of dollars.

We usually use it when we go to Europe, as we are away for about 6 weeks but so many others go down south etc. in winter for extended lengths of time so I am sure they would like to know about it, if they do not already know.

We had checked into cancelling but that involves a re- hookup fee etc. We keep the Shaw email on for $1.95 a month. I am sure that we are just late comers to this knowledge but I thought I would mention it if you do a newsletter or anything any time.

Enjoy your summer.
Gael Downe
CA91242 Pender Isl. BC

References-inListingMEMBER’S QUESTION :
I notice a lot of listings show this «Références disponibles» feature. How do I add this to my listing?
References-editListingGOOD NEWS.
When you EDIT your listing, you can tick the relevant boxes to have these special features displayed.



Il n’y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour être un adhérent HomeLink !

A l’occasion de son 60ème anniversaire, HomeLink International a investi massivement afin de vous apporter le meilleur service en ligne, associé à la personnalisation légendaire HomeLink.

Très très bientôt, vous découvrirez nos nouvelles fonctionnalités et notre nouvel environnement graphique. Trouver l’échange qui vous correspond n’aura jamais été aussi simple ! Le nouveau site offre un moteur de recherche dynamique, la géolocalisation, des options de traduction, un système de messagerie simple et sécurisé, de l’aide en-ligne, et davantage…

Nous vous REMERCIONS pour votre patience et vous assurons que nous faisons l’impossible pour achever le projet.

Bienvenue à HomeLink !

Jack Graber
Directeur depuis 1986,™
1707 Platt Crescent, North Vancouver BC V7J 1X9
Tel : 604-987-3262
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