NewsBytes : 1st February 2018

1. See our local/national HOTLIST =
We periodically survey the HOTLIST on our international website and post listings SEEKING CANADA here for your convenience. These are listings that have been either posted by new members, or have been updated/refreshed by current members.

2. How to SEARCH for our international website HOTLIST
Login to your HomeLink account on this website
Click on SEARCH HOMES, then take these actions : +  + 

3. How to add your listing to the international website HOTLIST
Periodically update / refresh your listing by adding or revising text and/or graphics.

4. How to use PEOPLE SEARCH : Login to your HomeLink account
Click on the main logo to see PEOPLE SEARCH

5. Number of exchanges indicator
Member’s query : “Our listing shows we have done 4 exchanges when in fact we have done 7 – mostly since 2010. Is there a way I can change this to show 7.
Answer : For all members the exchange numbers are automatically updated upon completion of the exchange if an Exchange Agreement has been submitted. We can manually update to 7 for you. So, we encourage our members to submit the online exchange form for each exchange, which also allows for the Feedback and Guest Book entries, and Exchange Evaluations.
If you did not submit an Agreement, and cannot adjust your Number, just notify us and we can do it for you.

6. Responses to ‘lapsed / expired’ members
Member’s query : We have an unanswered offer in our mailbox, and cannot reply as the other member’s listing is expired. As a result our ‘Response Rate’ is inaccurate.”.
Answer : We manually adjusted their response rate. They can ‘Trash’ the particular message or drag/drop it into another folder.

7. Hide your listing from view
MEMBER : “We have pretty well completed exchange arrangements, and would like to somehow hide our listing from view, without cancelling or suspending our membership … can we do that?”
Answer : Yes. Login to your account and open your DASHBOARD.
Below your profile and listing photo-thumbnail you can click on ‘Hide‘ :

Later you can easily re-‘Publish‘ your listing to be viewable again :

8. To navigate to the link to create an Exchange Agreement :  
Login to your HomeLink account
Click the envelope icon found to the left of your name at the upper right corner.
Click into the message with your exchange partner by clicking on the thumbnail photo or location text corresponding to the sender.

Click the button “CREATE AGREEMENT FORM” found in between the photos of your home and your exchange partner’s home and follow the prompts from there.  The EAF system will send notices to your personal email accounts along the way with further instructions.
NB : To keep the form in the edit mode, continue to click ‘Save, Comment & Submit‘ button at the bottom of the page until both parties are satisfied.  The ‘Validate‘ link on the form will finalize and lock the form, preventing further editing.

Once the dates you have entered have passed, the site automatically sends each exchange partner an email informing you that it is now possible to complete an Exchange Evaluation Form (EEF) or you can sign your exchangers’ ‘Guest Book’ with feedback.

9. To CANCEL an Exchange Agreement
Login to your HomeLink account
Click the envelope icon found to the left of your name at the upper right corner.
Click into the message with your exchange partner by clicking on the thumbnail photo or location text corresponding to the sender.

Both parties need to CANCEL the Agreement in order to delete it.
[If you have trouble, we can delete the EAF for you.]

10. Creating an EAF AFTER an Exchange has taken place to enable Guest Book & Exchange Evaluation

Our online  Exchange Agreement Form (EAF) system tracks your exchanges and triggers the number of exchanges on your listing as long as you complete/validate the form prior to the exchange.  Once the dates on the form have passed, the system prompts both you and your exchange partner to evaluate the exchange.

At this point, we recommend you complete an after the fact EAF with your exchange partner, using dates that are very near (example:  6th – 8th November, 2018)…be sure to enter an arrival date that gives both you and your exchange partner enough time to “validate” the form prior to the arrival date.  The key is to have the form validated by both parties prior to the arrival date or the form will disappear on the arrival date.  More detail on this is below.

Once the dates have passed you will both see there are documents requiring your attention that will lead you to prompts to create and evaluation form and enter Guest Comments on one another’s listings.

Hint : There is no need to enter exhaustive details on the form since it has already occurred.  Simply enter something in all the mandatory fields indicated with an asterisk.

11. Some of the International website UPDATES over the past few months
If you permanently delete a conversation (by emptying your Trash folder) and receive another message from the same member, the whole conversation will be recovered and will appear in your ‘My Conversations’ folder.

Renewal Reminders Currently a single renewal email is automatically sent to members 30 days before your membership expires. In addition 2 renewal emails are sent automatically by the website: (a) 7 days before expiry and (b) on the day of expiry.
Meanwhile we at HOMELINK CANADA also send personalized/detailed renewal reminders including the special fees and options.

12. TRIAL MEMBERS cannot create Exchange Agreements
As Trial Members you are encouraged to join as full members as soon as you have familiarized and satisfied yourselves with our service and website features. Your 30-day trial period effectively prevents long-term planning for your prospective exchange partners. If one or both members are a trial member, they will get a pop-in window when they click the “Create Exchange Agreement” button. The trial member will get a pop-up saying “You must be a full member to create an EA. Click here to join now“, and the other member will get a pop-up saying “Your exchange partner is a trial member, they must be a full member before you can create an EA with them.”.

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