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Compassion for Canadians

These members have graciously offered accommodations/assistance to fellow HomeLink members or residents/neighbours who have suffered losses due to wildfires, flooding. Please contact them via their listings.

Peter and Virginia Palma CA00092750 of Lake Country, BC. Home is is available from Nov 7 2023. 

Christine Tingle, CA00088637 of Gibsons. BC welcomes a single or couple who are displaced due to evacuation or any emergency. Although Gibsons is 4 hours plus 45 min ferry from the Okanagan she would meet in Vancouver and escort on ferry to her home.

The wildfires and flooding throughout our land can be incredibly devastating events that have profound impacts on communities, ecosystems, and wildlife. Everyone we know has a loved one suffering huge losses. Thank you to the fearless Firefighters, First Responders and personnel who have rescued our friends and families along with their precious pets and properties, and to the generous and resourceful neighbours receiving distressed and displaced evacuees. We all have compassion and empathy for all those affected and understand that individuals and communities are going through an extremely challenging time.

Do any of you wish to report your special assistance offered to fellow HomeLink members or residents/neighbours who have suffered losses…?

Examples of Good Home Exchange Behavior

Home exchange, aka house swapping, is a great way to save money on vacation and experience new cultures. By following these good house swapping behaviors, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable home exchange experience for both you and your exchange partners.

  1. Communication: Communication is the key to any successful home exchange. It’s important to stay in touch with your partner and communicate your needs and expectations clearly.
  2. Cleanliness: Leave the house in a clean and tidy condition. Wash the dishes, make the beds and tidy up the house before leaving. This will make your exchange partner feel welcomed and appreciated.
  3. Respect: Treat your exchange partner’s home as you would like them to treat yours. Be respectful of their property, furniture, and personal belongings.
  4. Honesty: Be honest about any issues or problems that arise during the exchange. If something breaks or doesn’t work, let your swap partner know as soon as possible.
  5. Follow the rules: Follow any rules that your exchange partner has set for their home, such as no pets or no smoking. This will show that you respect their wishes and will make the swap run more smoothly.
  6. Welcome pack: Leave a welcome pack for your exchange partner. This could include information about the local area, instructions on how to use household appliances, and emergency contact details.
  7. Feedback: Once the exchange is complete, provide feedback to your partner. Let them know what you enjoyed about their home and if there were any issues that they should be aware of.

How to travel comfortably without spending a penny on accommodations – The Globe and Mail

“Over the past decade, Lindblom and Dobson have visited New Zealand, Amsterdam, Sweden, Norway, Mexico, and different parts of Canada, all through home swaps.
You will enjoy reading this article promoting home exchanging, specifically quoting our organization and our cherished HomeLink Canada members Brian Lindblom and Nancy Dobson of Ottawa and their exchange partners Jean-Christian Auclair and Lyne Des Groseilliers of Québec City.
Courtesy of Emily Baron Cadloff, Special to The Globe and Mail, Published October 22, 2022.

How about a CANADA exchange this year?

A Canadian exchange could be a great opportunity to explore another part of our beautiful country. To do this, members need to add Canada (or specific locations/provinces/cities within Canada) to the Dates & Destinations section of your listing.

Many of our members have succeeded in making arrangements and swapping within Canada for years. To make it easier for these members to find each other, we have posted a CANADA Exchange List in the “CANADA” section of our international website.

As a Canadian member you can notify us if you want your name included on this list.
Please CONTACT US with your full name/s as listed, plus your membership ID and location of your exchange home.

STAYCATION SUCCESS!  Here’s what our members are saying…

Victoria<->Whistler…an absolute pleasure to exchange, fantastic location
Québec City<->Austin…exemplary, warm, welcoming hosts
Austin<->Québec…Fantastic week, we’ll do the experience again every summer!
Sechelt<->Whistler Creekside Condo…great location spending time with our grandchildren
Vancouver<->Sechelt…Escaped from Vancouver for much needed rest & relaxation
Whistler<->Black Creek…beautiful & relaxing beachhome, listening to the ocean
Black Creek<->Whistler…relaxing getaway, walk to everything!
Saanich<->Nanaimo… perfect exploration of our own central Vancouver Island
Burlington<->Charltottetown…excellent exchange to see the East Coast
Vancouver<->Sechelt…loved our stay, welcome break from the city
Vancouver<->Cowichan Bay…Luxurious, comfortable, incredible views, so many attractions
Toronto<->Courtenay…lovely country setting, enjoyed day trips and visiting family
Courtenay<->Toronto & Sauble Beach…enjoyed our family gathering and homes away from home
Ottawa<->Campbell River…immaculate home, paradise for outdoor enthusiasts
Québec<->Toronto…large home, upscale area, easy access to city centre & many sites
Toronto<->Québec…immediately felt at home, excellent hosts & homeswappers
London<->Montreal…We enjoyed exploring Centre-Ville and sites. Fall colours were an additional bonus
Whistler<->Duncan…ideally suited to enjoy all the exciting day trips

Vacation in your home – but not in your own

Enjoying the best weeks of the year in other people’s homes and at the same time providing your own living space for the same purpose – that is the idea behind HomeLink, a non-profit association that offers a platform to all those willing to exchange for a membership fee.

The idea originated in New York in 1953, today the network is spread over 60,000 exchange offers in over 70 countries. Around 10 million exchanges have been organized so far. A 12-month membership costs about 150 Canadian Dollars, there are no additional costs if the living space is swapped. There is hardly any cheaper vacation.


Membership RENEWAL advisory issued to all current HomeLink members within 7 and 30 days of their membership term expiration.

Your current HomeLink membership will expire in 7 (or 30) days. Renew before your membership expiry date and benefit from our special renewal offers! Learn more by  clicking on RENEW.


Please note that our Renewal reminder emails are sent to members automatically prior to the expiry date of your membership, so we hope you are not offended at receiving them at this time.  They are sent to ensure that you are aware of the reduced renewal rate available to our valued members and to give you the option to renew.


If you have any questions relating to your exchanges please do contact us at or telephone us at 604-987-3262 and we will do our best to assist.

Best wishes,

Leanne and Jack “Dad” Graber
HomeLink Team Canada

Welcome to the wonderful world of home exchange!
Welcome to HomeLink … we’ll be thrilled to have you stay with us!

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