NewsBytes : 1st June 2017

We welcome one of our most experienced HomeLink Canada members :
N° CA91393 Hélène Lavallée.
Hélène says :
« Before it’s too late I wanted to share with you the anecdotes describing my twenty years of home exchanges.
From Québec to Europe via Australia and New Zealand, I invite you to take the road with me.
You’ll discover this unique way to travel … Before it’s too late

Visit this website to purchase Hélène’s book.
(English version is now being prepared).

HOMELINK INTERNATIONAL has deployed more updates to the website :

  • To encourage greater use of the Saved Searches, we have added a new ‘Saved Search’ button to the blue horizontal menu bar. This has the same functionality as the button in the drop down menu.
  • Currently a single renewal email is automatically sent to members 30 days before their membership expires. There will be 2 new renewal emails sent automatically by the website: (a) 7 days before expiry and (b) on the day of expiry.
  • We have introduced a limit on the number of emails that can be sent in one day. The limit has been set to 100 emails per day. When a user tries to send more than 100 messages, they receive a message saying that the max number of messages has been exceeded.
  • Trial Members cannot create EXCHANGE AGREEMENT FORMS. Their 30-day trial period effectively prevents long-term planning for their prospective exchange partners. Trial Members are encouraged to join as full members as soon as they’ve familiarized and satisfied themselves with our service and website features. If one or both members are a trial member, they will get a pop-in window when they click the “Create EAF” button. The trial member will get a pop-in saying ‘You must be a full member to create an EAF. Click here to join now’ and the other member will get a pop in saying ‘Your exchange partner is a trial member, they must be a full member before you can create an EAF with them’.
  • Enable Listing Alerts are enabled for former members – this will enable former members to continue to receive listing alerts after their membership has ended. This will apply to all members (full and trial) whose membership has lapse from 23rd May 2017 – it will not apply to members whose membership lapsed before this date. Please Note: All Listing Alerts sent contain an “Unsubscribe” link that recipient can use to opt out of receiving any further alerts, as well as a link for them to update their date and destination preferences if they wish.
  • Other updates
    1. In the SEARCH section the auto-complete function has been improved. So, if you type in ‘San F’ and click Search, it will return results for San Francisco. i.e where only part of a location is entered, the system will select the first item on Google’s list to use as the search term.
    2. The Dashboard shows the three conversations with the most recent activity i.e the top three conversations from the My Conversations folder
    3. When a member tries to message a deleted listing, an explanation will be displayed.
    4. The format of dates and destinations in the Wish List has been updated to make it easier to read.

Check our HOTLIST and FACEBOOK pages periodically for URGENT REQUESTS submitted to us by both Canadian members and ‘foreigners’.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of home exchange!
Welcome to HomeLink … we’ll be thrilled to have you stay with us!

Jack Graber
Past-President (Ret), HomeLink International (Brussels)
1707 Platt Crescent, North Vancouver BC V7J 1X9
Tel : 604-987-3262

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