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How about a CANADA exchange this year?

The Canadian Government currently advises our citizens against all but essential international travel. However, travel within Canada in the summer and fall appears to be a possibility and with that in mind, some members are making tentative plans for a CANADA exchange.To make it easier for these members to find each other, we are posting a CANADA Exchange List on the “Your HomeLink” section of our international website.

As a Canadian member you can notify us if you want your name included on this list.
Please CONTACT US with your full name/s as listed, plus your membership ID and location of your exchange home.

“STAY CLOSE TO HOME” Home Exchange
With the official advice being to stay at home, summer holiday plans are uncertain. Overseas travel is likely to be affected for some time, so why not think about making some tentative plans a bit closer to home? A Canadian exchange could be a great opportunity to explore another part of our beautiful country. You could agree to a tentative exchange now and then wait and see how the situation develops over the coming months before finally deciding whether to go ahead. To do this, members need to add Canada (or specific locations/provinces/cities within Canada) to the Dates & Destinations section of your listing.

BULLETIN issued to all HomeLink Canada members on March 15, 2020

Dear HomeLink Canada Members,

At the moment many of you may be concerned about the Coronavirus and the impact that may have on your HomeLinking travel plans and those of your exchange partner. HomeLink therefore suggests the following:

  1. that you first consider your own personal situation e.g. age, medical condition, the virus situation in the destination/country where you have arranged an exchange, and any special travel restrictions affecting you, etc.,
  2. discuss these considerations with your exchange partner and try to reach an arrangement as to how best to deal with the exchange, keeping in mind all local advice from the Health Authority and the Government.

Given this unprecedented occurrence, be assured that whatever agreement you reach with your exchange partner, there will be no negative consequences in relation to your status or membership with HomeLink.


Membership RENEWAL advisory issued to all current HomeLink members within 7 and 30 days of their membership term expiration.

Nous espérons que vous profitez bien de votre abonnement à HomeLink, qui prendra fin dans 7 (ou 30) jours. Si vous choisissez de renouveler dans les 7 prochains jours, vous aurez droit à notre rabais sur l’abonnement.
Pour en savoir plus cliquez sur RENOUVELER.

We understand you might be unsure about your travel plans as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves.  However, if you have arranged an exchange and are due to travel within the next month or two, please do keep in contact with your exchange partner and if necessary and if at all possible, agree on the alteration of your dates.


Please note that our Renewal reminder emails are sent to members automatically prior to the expiry date of your membership, so we hope you are not offended at receiving them at this time.  They are sent to ensure that you are aware of the reduced renewal rate available to our valued members and to give you the option to renew.

Extra Time required?

Should you have to cancel your exchange due to the current travel restrictions, please do contact us if you need extra free time added to your HomeLink membership. If members have up-to-date travel insurance you may qualify for a refund for expenses incurred, so do contact your insurer, your credit cardprovider, or airline for more information.


If you have any questions relating to your exchanges please do contact us at or telephone us at 604-987-3262 and we will do our best to assist.  Meanwhile, please follow the guidelines issued by the Federal Government regarding CoronaVirus , Health and Travel updates , Travel advisory and the World Health Organisation WHO .

Above all, do look after your own health and wellbeing and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Jack and Leanne Graber
HomeLink Team Canada





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