Toutes les options – non seulement pour l’échange de maisons

Votre offre d’échange est affichée sur le site web et vous donne droit à un nombre illimité d’échanges pendant 12 mois. Vous pouvez choisir parmi les transactions suivantes ou les combiner pour vos séjours sur mesure.

Échange de maison
Vous séjournez chez vos correspondants pendant qu’ils séjournent chez vous.
A straightforward exchange of homes between two members for an agreed holiday period.  You are in their home while they are in yours.

Échanges non simultanés
Les échanges ne s’effectuent pas en même temps. Vous souhaitez offrir votre résidence sans que l’échange ait lieu en même temps.

If you have a holiday home, a boat ,caravan, friend or realative you can stay with, then it will give you a lot more opportunities especially when you are exchanging with the Southern Hemisphere.  They can come to your home  in January and you can go there in July.  If this is not possible for you , you may like to consider taking a short break close to home when Exchangers are in your house.  A perfect way to achieve non simultaneous exchanges is to travel with a friend.  You both have a house, you both join HomeLink then when the time comes for the exchange, your friend comes to stay with you for the exchange period.

Échange week-end
Un excellent moyen de s’initier au système.
An excellent way to try out the system.

Échange d’hospitalité
Ils vous invitent chez eux,  puis vous les invitez chez vous par la suite.
One family provides accommodation for another for a holiday period. The other family then responds with the same arrangement at a later date. This way you really get to know the local people and often make lifelong friends. As this is usually for a short period it is often useful when you are travelling around in a country.

Échange long-terme
Pour six semaines et plus.
This is usully for periods of more than a month – six weeks or more.

Gardiennage demandé
« Je désire quelqu’un pour prendre soin de mon foyer. »
You offer accommodation to a member who will look after your home while you are away. This is not relevant in the case of a straight home exchange. However, it is useful for members doing a non simultaneous exchange or going away on other types of holiday or on business who do not want to leave their home empty or their cat in a cattery!

Offre de gardiennage
« J’offre de prendre soin de votre foyer. »
You offer to look after a member’s home and perhaps pets while they are away.  Purely between members.

Offre d’hospitalité
You offer another HomeLink Member a short stay of usually one or two nights
in your home.  The ‘reward’  is meeting people from another country and
culture.  Guests usually offer a small gift or take the hosts out to dinner.
N.B. this is not an ‘exchange’, it is purely offered on a friendly basis.