Why choose HomeLink

Ten Reasons Why You Should Choose HomeLink

    • 1. World’s oldest home exchange community – Our 60 years’ experience means you are joining a network of tradition, respect and a well-earned international reputation for excellence. It also means more highly experienced exchangers for you to swap with.
    • 2. Highest percentage of European Members – Unlike other home exchange organizations that are top-heavy with US members, HomeLink has a higher percentage of overseas members making it easier for you to get an exchange. Within HomeLink, the ratio of European members to North American members is more than three to one. Many major competitors have a ratio of one to one which may sound appropriate but most Europeans do not wish to visit Canada while most  Canadians are interested in a European exchange.
    • 3. Professional Personal Assistance – Only HomeLink International offers friendly and experienced Customer Service by telephone, not just locally but all around the world.  We encourage all of our members to call us anytime with whatever question they may have or experience they wish to share with us.
    • 4. Arguably the World’s Largest Home Exchange Community – Over 13,000 real, full fee-paying Members, which means more opportunities to find a perfect exchange holiday than with any other network.
    • 5. The Most Information – Our unique descriptive coding system means that your listing details are translated into 16 languages, and you have far more information about other members, their homes, and their availability. This helps you to be more fully informed – in advance – about your potential exchange partner than with any other exchange network.
    • 6. Security – Only other HomeLink members can find out about your exchange offer, through our password protected Members-only website  You can rest easy knowing that only other HomeLink members will be contacting you, unlike other networks where anyone searching the internet can find out about you and your home.
    • 7. Self-contained Internal Messaging System – Our unique messaging system means you can contact other members and your email address will never be revealed. Of course, you can exchange email addresses, if you wish. And you can track when your message is received and read.
    • 8. Homelink is About People.  So, for more than half a century, we’ve offered our members a truly personal service.
    • 9, Local HomeLink Ownership – Unlike the “new” breed of faceless, “one-man-band” home exchange websites, we are a team of highly experienced local Organizers around the globe, each owning and operating our respective country’s HomeLink Organization.  This ownership element is what makes us so passionate and sincere about bringing our members the best possible home exchange experience in the industry.  We are ready to help you, every step of the way!
    • 10. Commitment To Highest Membership Standards, Etiquette and Values – At HomeLink, we understand the essential ingredients that make for a rich and rewarding home exchange experience. We also understand that before you can truly relax and enjoy your home exchange vacation, the one thing you really need is to feel safe and secure about the people who will stay in your home. We understand that you need to find far more than just the right house. You need to find great people to exchange with. People who make you feel comfortable, who share your values.Rest assured that HomeLinkers are those people. Since 1953, our global community has grown by embracing a wonderful tradition. We like to call it, “The HomeLink  Spirit”. It is our simple, old-fashioned community values. Respect. Trust. Caring. Generosity. We understand that these are the foundation for every great home exchange vacation.If our HomeLink community appeals to you, and you would like to begin forming instant (and often lifelong) friendships in over 70 countries around the world, then on behalf of our entire global community we’d like to say, “Welcome Home“.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit us!