We think it’s time to honour these keen Charter Members who have been happily HomeLink-ing since our early days in this Canadian home exchange service.

We cherish your continued loyalty and your testimonials, as you inspire so many of your friends and acquaintances to join our global community.

ca93001-Perelle-200 ca91274-Amsel-200 ca01103-McMullin-200
1982 David & Frances, N. Vancouver BC 1984 Steve & Jan, Calgary AB 1985 Eleanor & Fred, Oakville ON
ca43001-Allen-200 ca91101-Katz-200 ca02114-Inrig-200
1985 Brendan & Heather, Powell R. BC 1986 Michael & Carol, Vancouver BC 1987 Linda, Heriot Bay BC
CA21052-Mann-200 ca92015-Léger-200 ca61111-Petreman-200
1986 Christina, Burnaby BC 1987 Alain & Linda, Trois-Rivières QC 1988 Mel & Marilyn, Lantzville BC
ca52147-Ernst-200 ca01221-Gignac-200 STEVENS-ca11009-CharterMbr-200
1988 Felix & Kathleen, Victoria BC 1989 Pierre & Marie, Québec QC 1988 Sheila & Roy, Creston BC
ca02045-McNab-Scraba-200 ca91086-Hatton-Toronto-200 ca94020-Morningstar-200
1989 Peter & Elana, Victoria BC 1989 Helen & Ron, Toronto ON 1989 Barbara & David, Montréal QC






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